FREE Professional Website Template
5 hours of branding integration
2 rounds of review
30 hours development
Comprehensive SEO setup
FREE 6 months of backup service
FREE 30 days of emergency development services
FREE 30 days SEO monitoring
FREE Professional Website Template
5 hours of branding integration
2 rounds of review
10 hours of product integration
10 hours of app integration
30 hours development
Comprehensive SEO setup
FREE 6 months of backup service
FREE 30 days of emergency development services
FREE 30 days SEO monitoring
What you get ($5620)
B&W + Color Logo
Brand palette + guidelines
Icons for web + mobile use
Email template
Optional messaging package ($10050)
Everything above PLUS
Full day branding workshop
Tagline + messaging document
Starter advertising package (emails, banners, ad copy)

Faustini LLC is a boutique marketing and web development agency.
Our goal is to help you launch your product, website, or brand, successfully.

Our passion is to be of service. We work with you to build your website, design products or build your brand.

Our agency is located in the Bay Area, where we have deep roots and are tapped into the greater Bay Area community. We love working with small businesses and startups. If you want to learn more about who we can help you, give us a call.

Responsive Design

One of the most common issues we come across is unresponsive websites. With increasing numbers of people using mobile devices to surf the web, this is a considerable task to tackle for many businesses.

Web Design & Marketing

We specialize in custom websites for Wordpress and Shopify. We also help get brands noticed via social media, digital ad campaigns, email and more. Our clients get exactly what they want on the easiest content management systems available.

Technical Support

We are focused on delivering the best possible user experience in our designs. We also deliver the highest class of technical support - whenever you need it, for as long as you need it.
Our Stuff
  • Joseph Jewell Wines

    Web Design + Ecommerce


    Web Design for Author Portfolio
  • chattra.com

    Web Design + Ecommerce


    Web Design
  • bathboxr.com

    Web Design + Ecommerce


    Web Design + Ecommerce
  • http://ousterhoutwine.com/

    Web Design + Ecommerce


    Web Design
  • getupandup.com

    Web Design + Ecommerce

    Web Design + Ecommerce

    Web Design + Ecommerce
  • apswine.com

    Web Design


    Web Design + Ecommerce
  • Ariana is an uber online marketer. If you are looking for someone who knows and practices the latest methods for targeting, performance measurement, and message delivery, she is ideal. She works quickly and tirelessly, designing campaigns and marketing pieces with all of the skill of a seasoned pro. What makes her really special is that she is willing to do whatever role she needs to do to get the results for her business partners. I would, of course, hire her again (and again).
    Avery Kadison, Manager, Platform Payment Risk at Facebook
  • Ariana is amazing to work with. She has the technical expertise as well as great communication skills. She always understands exactly what I'm looking for even when I might not. She explains things with ease and takes time to make sure I understand what she's doing. I thoroughly enjoy each and every opportunity I have to work with her because I learn so much.
    Kathryn Holdforth, Owner, JK Naturals
Ariana Faustini
Owner/Sr. Digital Marketing Strategist & UX/UI Designer
When it comes to web design, UX/UI, product launch strategies and marketing campaigns, Ariana leverages years of startup and corporate marketing experience to deliver top-quality services for small businesses.
Victor Teppone
Sr. Developer and Technical Lead
Victor is a frontend developer with an impressive set of skills including the latest CSS3 layout techniques, frameworks and template languages. Victor's technical input is an integral process to our web design and a successful digital stragety.
Elena Miller
Creative Designer and Brand Strategist
Elena Miller has been creating artwork and brands for over 10 years. Originally from across the pond, this British ex-patriot, loves clean and original designs - perfectly suited for fresh new brands.
Cortney Roudebush
Content Copywriter & Social Media Expert
Cortney specializes in content creation, email marketing, and social media. Her content marketing abilities are second to none and will take your business ROI to the next level.

Finished Projects


Cups of coffee




Happy Clients




  • $
  • 425
Think you need a new website but not sure how and where to start? We will do a full 10 point check measuring the design, branding, layout, browser compatibility, device compatibility, heuristics, SEO-friendliness, messaging, loading times, and traffic quality. We deliver your results in a full report with recommendations to take to your team or ours.


Website Packages

  • $
  • 3420
For those of you just getting online, or some of you who may want to refresh your online look, we offer professional website design and development services. We take our professional responsive design templates, apply your branding and messaging, and get you up and running on the web. What You Get



  • $
  • 7680
If you have a Shop that you'd like to get on the web, we're the experts that you need to talk to. We have ample experience in multiple services and can recommend the best solution for you. Then we'll wrap your site in our professional, user-friendly shopping templates, connect all the right services, and launch your shop. We provide you with training and answer all your questions so you can feel confident once those orders start rolling through. What You Get



  • $
  • 5620 / $10050
Get your very own logo, color palette, iconography, brand messaging and more with our branding package. What You Get

Social Media

Marketing &


  • Call for pricing
If you need help with social media or press, we'll help you out. Our services vary so give us a call and we'll find the right service that suits your needs.



  • Call for pricing
Sometimes you need something that simply doesn't exist anywhere. We can help deliver custom projects.


My App

  • Starting at
  • $
  • 18,000
Need someone to build your app? We'll take it on. With a reserve of developers at our fingertips, we're on board to help create your prototypes, your specialty apps, and more. Got wireframes? We'll codify them. Need help making your vision a reality? We've got a product team that can help. Some apps require more work than others, so give us a call.


Development Retainer

  • $
  • 760/
  • $
  • 1320
You need someone you can count 24/7 in the case of emergencies. That's us. We offer two emergency retainer service levels. One for those of you who need that contact for the M-F 9 to 5, and then there's those of you who need someone at any given moment. If you're not sure where you sit, give us a call and we can help find the right fit.
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